gr4Xity‘s core scenario takes place in an alternate universe, where different constellations of stars molded the collective subconscious. As ancient societies looked up to different Gods, subtle differences emerged.

A fractured humanity began colonizing the inner solar system in the 1930s. Now in the 21st Century, the key to travel at the speed of light has been unlocked. The stars are now open for exploration, expansion, wealth, and conquest.

Mankind’s divergent ideologies will play out on a much grander stage.

Factious Factions

Six major powers have emerged to vie for the stars–three on a post-war Earth and three beyond the reach of its thin atmosphere–with radically different philosophies and strategies for government and economic management.

  • Nationalists: The United States of the Americas [USA]
  • Communists: The Martian Soviet Socialist Republic [MSSR]
  • Technocrats: African & European International Operating Union [AEIOU]
  • Capitalists: The Free Cloud Cities of Venus [FCC]
  • Mercantilists: The Eastern Trade Association [ETA]
  • Fascists: The Mondreich

Interstellar Travel: The Körner Solution

In 2023, Dr. Körner, head of quantum crystallography at the Public University of Ibadan, AEIOU, made a discovery that galvanized humanity’s factions into action. Dr. Körner’s unifying theory provided a fundamental mechanism for gravitation while solving the “dark matter” problem. This Körner Solution also suggested the possibility of reducing “light matter” into “dark energy”, such that it could travel along fundamental axes of the universe at the speed of light.

In terms even the youngest of dreamers could grasp: the stars were now within reach. The race was on!

It’s now the year 2039, and humanity’s initial Arkships have been carved from the solar system’s largest asteroids–ready for their first test flights to other worlds.

Choose your faction and lead these brave pioneers to the stars!