Gravity [stylized as “gr4Xity”] is a space-themed turn-based 4X strategy game in development by Chaoskampf Studios, whose games apply science, math, and data in pursuit of both gameplay mechanics and verisimilitude.

In gr4Xity, you are a Lord of Light, influential captain of one of humanity’s few interstellar Arkships. Bend the galaxy to your will as your ship’s gravity drive pulls you between the stars in a heartbeat… your heartbeat, anyway. To an outside observer, years pass waiting for the splendor of your return.

As you jump across space, you leap across time.

Manage your limited space-time wisely to develop an interstellar empire in support of the power and reach of your Arkship, in a deeply-simulated galaxy that tells the story of your choices.

  • eXplore deep space for resources, habitable planets, and scientific anomalies
  • eXpand trade routes, colonize new worlds, and upgrade your Arkship
  • eXploit arbitrage and specialize colonies through trade
  • eXterminate competitors and monopolize the galaxy